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Welcome to the Otherworld by Serandos Welcome to the Otherworld :iconserandos:Serandos 1 2
'Trusty' Chad (Harry Potter Oc)
Name: "Trusty" Chad
Race: Fullblood Werewolf
Age: 20
Eyecolor: Dark Brown
Hair: Black, Chin Length
House: Former Ravenclaw Prefect
Appearence: 1.80m, Wears mostly long Coats, Cold Stare
Personality: Calm, Smart, Decieving, Known for making Offers someone can't Deny
Friends: Sarah Creeves, Hannah Dutch
Likes: Alchemy, Libarys, Woods, Tricking People
Dislikes: Fullmoon, Liars, Traitors, Deatheater
:iconserandos:Serandos 0 0
Dragonis Stonescale 'Meow Meow' (Harry Potter OC)
Name: Dragonis Stonescale
Nickname: "Meow Meow"
Age: 127
Appearence: Small, Green Scales, Yellow Eyes, Snakelike Pupils
Personality: Smart, Loyal, Friendly, Likes to Joke, Uses his "Meow" Side
when he is around with his current Owner mostly
Current Owner: Leila Dragnelia
:iconserandos:Serandos 2 0
A Rainy Day
Rainfall, the Time of the Year Lilith really dislikes, alone in her House
she waits for something to happen.
Nothing, again.
It's been three whole Days now since it started to Rain and Lilith
starts to feel itchy, somethings lacking, something important to her.
As she decided to watch her Favorite Horrormovie again she remembers that her Boss
said something about a new "Guest" from the Surface. She decided instead to check
on her Tools.
Everything is like always, a good Shape, clean, ready to inflict Pain.
She really is Proud of her Tools, the only downside about it is the fact that she
needs a new Job to use them.
"Stop Torturing Random People!" was the last thing she heared before she was threatened to
be banned from the Underground. Why is this happening? Why cant she do her Hobby?
That was the Moment when she decided to buy a Camera, something non Violent for a change.
First it was a wierd feeling for her, but then she started to like it.
The Rare oppertunity of capturing something
:iconserandos:Serandos 0 0
My Oc Lilith
Name: Lilith
Race: Demon
Age: 20 (If you go by her Appearence)
Eyecolor: Light Yellow Yellow, Snakelike Pupil
Hairstyle: Long, Deep Black Hair
Personality: Serious, Sadistic, Loyal to Friends, Merciless towards Angels
Interessts: Photography, Torture, Horrormovies
Dislikes: Angels, Attaching People, her Boss
Special Characteristics: Two Fangs, Lightgrey Skin, Fingernails always Black
Friends: None, even if she knows alot of People
Clothing: Black Hoodie and Jeans and Shoes, Chain Necklace, Spikey Belt
:iconserandos:Serandos 0 0
So cold
Why... am I falling?
Oh.. right...
It's because of you...
What's this...?
I see someone else...
with... you...
seems like I'm... alone again
what... were your Word's...
best... Friend...?
Yes, that's... it
And now I'm here... falling
into an Abyss...
:iconserandos:Serandos 0 0
Hogwarts Oc
Name: Sarah Creeves
Race: Halfblood Werewolf
Age: 17
Haircolor: Brown
Eyecolor: Green
Character: Quiet, easy to annoy,
Family: Leila Hippogriff
House: Ravenclaw
Interessts: Learning Spells, Potions
Friends: Blair (Death Eater)
:iconserandos:Serandos 0 0
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm just a Guy who enjoys making Pictures with MMD and writing Short Stories, besides that Love Gore Horror and everything
thats related to Bloodshed, see you around ;)


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